21 Oct 2018

SPAM Alert: BTC Miner Telegram Bot Is Spam

If you are thinking of investing in cryptocurrency by buying or mining coins, learn from my testimony. The popular Bitcoin Bot on telegram must never get you as a prey. I joined the bot barely three (3) weeks ago. The whole scheme is fraud, and it is spam.

Despite all negative reviews I got on "as we see" sites, I was bent at making my own review, and this could not have been achieved by reading that of others. After beating the 0.005000000BTC threshold, I was told another fairy tale by the system; that I need ten (10) referrals, as easy as that was, I got that in less than three (3) days. Behold, on a Sunday morning, I requested for my mined coins, and was told this rubbish:

"Our system has detected 2 or more Free accounts on your IP address. You can only have 1 Free account at a time! You need to /upgrade to make withdrawals. Withdrawals for VIP accounts are not limited".

An upgrade needs as much as 0.02500000BTC forwarded to their specified BTC wallet. Dear readers, if you dare proceed from where I stopped, you will end up regretting that you ignored my warning.

BTC Miner and other telegram Coin Mining Bots are fake! Screenshots have been attached for your reference.

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