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Black and White Photography: A Gold Mine for Photographers

Hey guys, I will be introducing the best black and white photography techniques and also show you exactly when to use them.
Black and White Photography

Black and white photography is a niche yet to be identified by most photographer in making huge amount of money. Having been inspired by the works of Ansel Adams, James Nachtwey and other masters of black and white photography, it was then I probably tried doing some B&W myself.

But Just before then, I urge you to follow our Step-by-Step guide properly.

If you need to get more customer and make more money from photography.

The big question now is;

Do you also need more Money and Better Shoots like me?
Sure you do but the big problem is.

How do you get to know what most customers desire and satisfy them as well.
Getting the right shoot requires basic knowledge of:

  • Lighting
  • Exposure Compensation
  • Perspective
  • White Balance
  • etc

Before I bag in to giving you this whole idea, you need to take note of some basics of black and white photography

Still a Beginner in Black and White Photography?

No Problems as I would be walking you all through.

You are going to Cover:

  • What Black and White Photography Really is
  • The Best way to get a proper black and white
  • The Easiest way you can get a black and white picture
  • More Success as you Practice

My Little Keyword Research Case study

Back then when i wass an amateur in photography I never knew black and photography can be possible even with Camera.

Here is what I do back then, which I believe you may be doing right now.

  • Take Snapshot of a Model
  • Pay for editing (Black and White)
  • Return the job.

Is Black and White Photography Worth it?

Results show that black and white photography is still a vital part of any photographer getting the right shoot.

If you are looking to improve your work, you should start leveraging black and white photography as this is a source of income you never dream of..

Where to Start

Do you love black and white photographs but you don’t know how and where to start, then this guide might help you to get into the world of B&W photography. I must admit that I am no guru when it comes to black and white photography, but I have been experimenting with it lately and would like to share what I have learned so far:
Practice the following steps:

Camera Settings
In recent years lots of the current DSLR cameras allow you to switch from color to black and white/monochrome inside camera menu and some of the advanced DSLRs even allow you to pick different types of color filters for better black and white conversion (Nikon DSLRs have a “Monochrome” Picture Control to convert to B&W). Wont it be nice to be able to shoot in B&W from DSLRs directly, since you are stripping the colors from images, you are basically limiting your post-processing options if you shoot in JPEG format. Once colors are converted to B&W, there is no going back. On top of this, in-camera B&W processing is often poorly implemented and the camera gives you no control on how specific colors or regions of the image should be treated.
Therefore, it is best to take pictures in color, then convert them to black and white in post-processing.

If you shoot in RAW, no matter what color profile you apply on your camera, the file will contain all information you possibly need from the camera for successful B&W conversion. If your intent is to shoot in B&W and see the effect on the camera, feel free to set the camera to B&W mode. During the import process, if you use software like Capture NX2, your images will be imported as black and white, although you can change them back to color any time later.
Reseons for shooting in RAW FORMAT:
If you use Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom, the images will be imported in color and the black and white settings you used on your camera will be lost. That’s because Adobe products do not have the capability to read the proprietary manufacturer information from RAW files. So shoot in RAW and you will be good to go.

Here is Shoot on my camera (Nikon D40):

  1. Image Quality/Format: RAW
  2. RAW Bit Depth: 14-bit (if available)
  3. ISO Sensitivity: Lowest ISO (base ISO)
  4. White Balance: Auto
Converting from Colour to Black and White
Do you have a coloured image/ photographs that you want to convert to black and white, there are many ways to skin the cat – from a very simple method of desaturating colors to rather complex methods of applying different shades of gray on particular colors. Let’s go through some of these methods in detail and see the type of results we can get from these different methods.

  • Method One (Simple Black and White Conversion)

To me this is the most simplest (and the worst) method of converting color photographs to black and white, is to simply desaturate or “discard” the colors. You can do this pretty much in any image editing software. If you use Lightroom, you can simply go to Develop Module, then click “Black & White” under the “Basic” tab.
If you use Photoshop, you can achieve a similar result by going to “Image”-”Adjustments”-”Desaturate” or press Ctrl+Shift+U on the keyboard and the deed will be done.

Black and White Photography

The above picture Was taken coloured and converted using method one.

  • Method Two (Lightroom Black and White Mix)

The edittng tool called Lightroom has a much better method to convert color images to Black and White besides the method shown above. It is located in Develop Module, under the “Tone Curve” tab. You will find three different selections you can click on and one of them is “B & W”. Once you click on it, the information below will change to “Black & White Mix” with some color selections.
  • Method Three (Photoshop Black and White)

The tool named Photoshop has a very similar functionality as Lightroom that allows you to move sliders to control the different shades of gray in black and white images. You can access it through “Image”->”Adjustments”->”Black & White” or by pressing Alt+Shift+Ctrl+B shortcut on your keyboard. Here is the tool:

Black and White Photography
Most time I prefer using this tool is that it comes with different “Presets” to choose from. Before you move any sliders, I would start off with the presets and see if any of the particular presets looks good on your image. Once you pick a starting point, you can then adjust different colors to brighten/darken certain colors. I recommend experimenting with the tool to get the desired result.


In summary, a point to note is: when it comes to black and white photography, there is no “magic template” or workflow that works for every single picture. While you can have a standard set of settings for color photographs, you cannot apply the same B&W techniques to all photographs, due to different colors and shades of gray in images. In addition, converting color landscapes to B&W is also not the same thing as converting color portraits to B&W. When you work with portraiture, you have to employ different conversion techniques and be more careful with color filters, contrast and structure settings.
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Let me end with the words of Ansel Adams by saying:

                                    "A good Photograph is knowing where to stand"
                                                   ______Ansel Adams_______

Kindly use the comment box to shar your views and work.

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Akwa Ibom State Poly Admission Screening Form – 2018/2019 is Out

Akwa Poly Admission Screening Form – 2018/2019 is Out
The managemnt of the Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic has commenced the sale of Admission Screening/Post-UTME and DE form for 2018/2019 academic session. The form will be on Sale till the 17th of August 2018.
From the release Akwa Ibom State Poly is calling for interested candidates to apply for admission screening for the 2018/19 academic session due to commence.
To qualify for the first batch, candidates must have chosen Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic as their first or second choice and have requirements for admission into the National Diploma (ND) programmes.
akwa poly screening form

Akwa Poly Admission Screening Form

*Interested candidates for Computer Engineering must have taken the following subject combination in 2018 UTME; Mathematics, English, Physics and Chemistry

To be eligible for the screening exercise, you must fulfill the following:

a.  Candidates must have chosen Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic, Ikot Osurua as their FIRST OR SECOND CHOICE.

b. Candidates must have scored up to 130 and above in the 2018 UTME.

You can contact Ibom Media on 08066014004 to Get you registered on time for Akwa Ibom Polytechnic Post-UTME for the 2018/2019 academic session;

Candidates should visit the School website , click online Application, then generate an invoice(RRR Number) with the following details

JAMB Reg Number ii. Phone number and iii. Name

Candidates should go to any commercial Bank in Nigeria to purchase an electronic application pin for ₦2,000.00 (Inclusive of Bank and other charges).

Akwa Poly Admission Screening Form

Using the pin, visit to fill and submit the application form. Download and print the acknowledgement slip.

All application forms must be filled online on or before Friday 17th August 2018 and Candidates should be at the Polytechnic on Saturday 18th August 2018 for the Screening Exercise.

All recommended students for admission will be published online and their names sent to JAMB for admission letters.


a. Accreditation of candidates for the exercise commences at 8.00am

b. Candidates should come with;

The acknowledgement slip
Photocopies of JAMB slip showing their photographs
JAMB online result,
Original copies of credentials
Only bona fide candidates will be screened

Parents, guardians and friends are strongly advised to keep away from the venues of the screening

I hope this post was helpful and all you need is take action now and apply for AkwaIbom Poly Post-UTME/Admission screening exercise for 2018/2019.
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NYSC Registration 2018 Batch B begins 10th July

NYSC Registration 2018 Batch B begins 10th July
Are you a fresh graduate? Waiting for  NYSC Registration 2018 Batch B. Then here is the right place to be as NYSC has released registration guidelines for 2018 batch B corps members.
The management of the National Youth Service Corps, (NYSC), has announced the registration guidelines for prospective 2018 Batch B corps members. Read on to  know when the registration exercise will begin.

 NYSC Registration 2018 Batch B

Ibom Media will help you register in the night So you can get your required State of Choice. Contact Us Here: +2348066014004
The guidelines, as contained in a statement released to journalists in Abuja, disclosed that registration will start on Tuesday 10th July, 2018 and end on Monday 16th July, 2018. It reads in full: “Prospective Corps Members, PCMs, who are yet to register in the NYSC portal including the newly uploaded graduates, your Registration starts Tuesday 10th July, 2018 to Monday 16th July, 2018.
“The NYSC portal will be open for Revalidation only for those mobilized in 2017 Batch “B” and previous Batches, but did not go to the Orientation Camp.
 NYSC Registration 2018 Batch B
“It is advised to note that, those who were mobilized in 2018 Batch “A” and were Issued Call-up Numbers but were informed that their Orientation will be July 2018, are not to register again or revalidate on the portal. Instead you are to go to the Orientation Camp on the 24th July, 2018. You will be informed when to print your Call-up Letters through a short message 'SMS' on your phone.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018


Firstly, we at Ibom Media apologizes for bringing the information about AKSU POST UTME/DE SCREENING FORM For 2018/2019 a bit late. But what you have to take into considerations is that applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates for the Akwa Ibom State University (AKSU) Post UTME and Direct Entry Screening exercise for the 2018/2019 academic session.


Cut-Off Mark: 
160 and above.
The candidates eligible to purchase this admission form must have scored 160 and above in the last UTME examination and also chose Akwa Ibom State University as their First Choice institution and same to Direct Entry Applicants.
Where To Register
Ibom Media Internet Spot is an Outstanding Online Registration Outlet based in Uyo is a place you can count on as your registration will be completed as fast as possible. Contact Us if you intend registering for Aksu or any other Post UTME registration.
Mode Of Application:
The University portal has been opened for registration since Monday, 2nd July, 2018 and will last till Friday, 20th July, 2018. Candidates are required to register online for the screening exercise following the procedure below:
You can Contact Ibom Media For Speedy registration, Call +2348066014004
Visit to generate Pre-Payment Analysis Slip, by following the steps below:

Click on REGISTER NOW LINK in the Login Page
Select PUTME/DIRECT ENTRY in the Registration-Type Panel and click on PUTME link.
Enter your JAMB registratioen number and click VERIFY.
On the right hand side of the page showing your details, select CLICK TO MAKE PAYMENT and print the pre- payment slip so generated.
Proceed to the Bank with the pre-analysis slip and inform the Bank teller that you wish to make fee payment for Akwa Ibom State University Post-UTME screening using e-transact.
The Screening fee is N2,000
After payment, repeat steps 1 to 3 above. The payment status on the right side of the page should now show PAID.
Click the “>” symbol at the extreme right hand side of the page to proceed with registration process.
Complete the form and ensure you clearly scan and upload the following documents (with sizes not more than 100KB)
WAEC/NECO/NABTEB Certificate/Result as may be applicable.
Certificate of origin.
2018 UTME result printout.
2018 JAMB DE printout (Direct Entry applicants only)
Diploma,NCE orA-level result or certificate (Direct Entry applicants only).
Print three (3) copies of Registration Slip from the portal. This will serve as your screening Photocard. It carries vital information such as the date and venue of your PUTME Screening.
Contact Ibom Media and Your Registration will be Done in a minute

AKSU Post UTME Screening Schedule:

Candidates are advised to note that the Post-UTME Screening will hold from Monday, 23rd July, 2018 to Friday, 27th July, 2018.
The Direct Entry Screening will hold on Friday, 27th July, 2018.

Venue: Main Campus, Ikot Akpaden – Mkpat Enin L.G.A

Time: 9am daily.

Requirements for AKSU Screening Exercise:

Candidates are to appear for Post-UTME or Direct Entry screening exercise with the following:

  • Three (3) copies of 2018 UTME result slip or Direct Entry registration slip showing the candidates photograph in colour.
  • Three (3) copies of AKSU Photocard (Post-UTME or Direct Entry) screening schedule slip printed from the University portal, on completion of Registration.

N.B. When filling the application form, each applicant should endeavour to use his/her own phone number and valid e-mail address in order to receive timely alerts, messages and directives.
All uploaded documents must be clear and readable. Blurred or unclear documents will lead to automatic disqualification. Dont have a good passport Photograph? Come and Ibom Media will give you clear and a nice shoot.

  • Any candidate who fails to participate in the screening exercise will not be considered for admission into the University.
  • Applicants who did NOT choose AKSU or change to AKSU as their University of First Choice in the 2018/2019 UTME or Direct Entry are NOT eligible for this exercise.

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For further information, e-mail: or Call +2348066014004

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2018 POLICE CONSTABLE RECRUITMENT: List of Candidates Invited For Medical Screening

2018 POLICE CONSTABLE RECRUITMENT: List of Candidates Invited For Medical Screening
The list of successful candidates for the 2018 POLICE CONSTABLE RECRUITMENT has been realeased. This was from an update from thier Official Twitter Handle:

Points To Note
Invited Candidates should check the list below this notice for their name. All Candidates are hereby directed to go for the Medical Screening at the Zonal Police Command Headquarters of their respective State of Origin between 31st May to 3rd June, 2018 as stated below:
Zone 1 Kano (Jigawa, Kano and Katsina)
Zone 2 Lagos (Lagos and Ogun)
Zone 3 Yola (Adamawa, Gombe and Taraba)
Zone 4 Makurdi (Benue, Nasarawa and Plateau)
Zone 5 Benin (Bayelsa, Edo and Delta)
Zone 6 Calabar (Cross River, Rivers, Akwa Ibom and Ebonyi)
Zone 7 Abuja (Kaduna, Niger and FCT)
Zone 8 Lokoja (Kogi, Ekiti and Kwara)
Zone 9 Umuahia  (Abia, Anambra, Enugu and Imo)
Zone 10 Sokoto  (Kebbi, Sokoto and Zamfara)
Zone 11 Osogbo (Osun, Ondo and Oyo)
Zone 12 Bauchi (Bauchi, Borno and Yobe)
Click the below link for the full and comprehensive list of successful candidates per state for the Medical Screening:

HOW TO CHECK THE LISTYou are advised to contact us on any our Chanel Listed Below if you have any challenge of confirming whether your name is among those shortlisted.
You can as well Click Here to View List

Our Contact Channel
Phone No: +2348066014004

For those that are not successful or shortlisted on 2018 Police Constable Recruitment Exercise should click the link below:

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Federal Fire Service (FFS) Massive Recruitment 2018 Out

Federal Fire Service (FFS) Massive Recruitment 2018 Out
As the Prisons Service Recruitment is still ongoing, the Federal Fire Service also has commenced recruitment for full time appointments to fill the existing vacancies.
As seen from a post on their website, "applications are expected to be completed and submitted within six weeks from the date of the publication"
Federal Fire Service (FFS) Massive Recruitment 2018 Out

The Statement reads: The Civil Defence, Fire, Immigration and Prisons Services Board (CDFIPB) is inviting applications from suitably qualified candidates for full time appointments to fill existing vacancies in the following positions in the Federal Fire Service (FFS)

Points To Note
Ibom Media uses this platform to advice all interested applicant who have registered for the Prisons Recruitment to also avail themselves for the Federal Fire Service Recruitment as soon as possible so as the to avoid the challenges seen on the Prisons Portal, which might as well be encountered in due course.

Available Positions:

i. Assistant Superintendent of Fire I (ASF I) [CONPASS 09]
Applicants must possess a Master Degree or Hold the Membership of a recognized professional body

ii. Assistant Superintendent of Fire II (ASF II) [CONPASS 08]
Applicants must possess a Bachelor’s Degree or its equivalent from a recognized university.

i. Senior Inspector of Fire (SIF) [CONPASS 08]
Applicants must possess Higher National Diploma or its equivalent from a recognized Polytechnic/Institution.

ii. Inspector of Fire (IF) Nursing [CONHESS 06]
Applicant must be Registered Nurse (RN), Registered Midwive (RM) or Registered Nurse/Midwive (RN/RM) from recognized institutions.

iii. Assistant Inspector of Fire (AIF), General Duty, CONPASS 06.
Applicants must possess National Diploma (ND), NCE or Advanced NABTEB obtained from recognized institutions.

i. Fire Assistant II (FA II) CONPASS 04
Applicants must be holders of GCE Ordinary Level, SSCE/NECO or its equivalent with a minimum of five (5) credits in not more than two (2) sittings, which must include Mathematics and English Language.

ii. Fire Assistant III (FA III) CONPASS 03
Applicants must be holders of GCE Ordinary Level, SSCE/NECO or its equivalent with a minimum of three (3) credits in not more than two (2) sittings, which must include at least English or Mathematics.

a. All Applications must be done online. Candidates are expected to log into the website or as according to their qualifications, fill and submit the application form online.
b. Candidates for the positions on Categories A and Bi (Holders of Degree and HND certificates) are expected to log into the website fill and submit the application form online.
c. Candidates on Categories B ii and C (ND, NCE, NATEB, SSCE, NECO or their equivalents) are to log into to fill and submit their applications.
d. Candidates are advised to print out the Referee form which must be duly completed for siting during screening and submission during documentation.
e. Candidates should NOTE, that Multiple Applications will automatically lead to disqualification.

Applications must be submitted online within six (6) weeks from the date of publication.

i. Applicants must be Nigerians by birth;
ii. Applicants must possess the requisite qualifications and certificates. Any certificate or qualification not presented and accepted at the recruitment centre shall not be accepted after the recruitment;
iii. Applicants must be fit and present certificates of medical fitness from government recognized hospitals;
iv. Applicants must be of good character and must not have been convicted of any criminal offences;
v. Applicants must not be drug addicts or members of any secret society or cult;
vi. Applicants must not be financially embarrassed;
vii. Applicants must be between ages of 18 and 30 years;
viii. Applicants’ height must not be less than 1.65m for male and 1.60m for female;
ix. Applicants’ chest measurement must not be less than 0.87 for men;
x. Computer literacy will be of added advantage.

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Uniuyo Postgraduate School Admission Form 2018/2019 Out

Uniuyo Postgraduate School Admission Form Out

If you have been seeking for Uniuyo Postgraduate School Admission Form, this is an opportunity to get your masters degree as applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates for admission into the Postgraduate Programmes of the University of Uyo (UNIUYO), for the 2018/2019 academic session.
In this post we will be giving you how and where to apply for any post Graduate course of your choice. Continue reading.
Postgraduate School


Requirement and Duration of Unuyo postgraduate Programmes
All Full-time Master’s degree programmes last for a minimum period of four semesters and a maximum period of six semesters.
All Full-time Doctoral Programmes last for a minimum period of six semesters and a maximum period of ten semesters.
PGD in Education last for a minimum of two semesters and a maximum of four semesters for all full time students.
PGD in Educational Technology last for a minimum of three semesters and a maximum of five semesters for all full time students.
PGD in Engineering last for a minimum of four semesters and a maximum of six semesters for all full time students.

Who can apply for UNIUYO postgraduate Programmes

To apply for any Uniuyo postgraduates programme, candidates must have the following qualifications as the case may be:

A. To qualify for admission into the Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) programme, applicants should be graduates of the University of Uyo or any other University recognized by the Senate of the University of Uyo, or persons who hold qualifications adjudged by the Senate of the University of Uyo to be equivalent to first degree or holders of recognized Higher National Diploma.

B. To qualify for admission into a Master’s degree programme, applicants should be graduates with not less than Second Class Honours degrees in the Lower Division with, (a) CGPA of 2.75 on a five-point scale, (b) CGPA of 2.2 points on a four-points scale and (c) Second Class lower division (irrespective of CGPA) for the Master’s degree programme in Architecture and programmes in the Faculty of Agriculture, (d) Candidates for admission into Sc Medical Microbiology should be graduates of either of the following: (i) Microbiology with 2.75 CGPA (ii) Virology and a Postgraduate Diploma in Microbiology (PGDM) (iii) MBBCh/MBBS or its equivalent.

C. Applicants for admission into Doctoral Degree programmes should be graduates of the University of Uyo or any other University recognised by the Senate of the University of Uyo, who possess Master’s degrees with dissertation and course work average, which should not be less than 60% (B).


Applicants will be required to have credit pass at ‘O’ Level in five relevant subjects including English Language obtained at not more than two sittings. Candidates with ‘O’ Level examination results before 2015 must possess their certificates and not statement of results or result slips.
Applicants for LLM & Ph. D in Law must in addition to the above have credit passes in ‘O’ Level English Literature.
All applicants will be subjected to Screening Tests as indicated. The date of the screening test will be communicated.
NYSC Completion Certificates (Discharge Certificates), Exemption Certificates or Exclusion Certificates is required from all applicants. One of these certificates must be submitted with the application form or before the screening test is taken.
Applicants who obtained their degrees through Remedial Programmes must show evidence of having remedied the relevant subjects for their programmes externally e. through WASCE, NECO, NABTEB.
In addition to other qualifications, applicants are expected to meet the departmental requirements for their programmes.
Applicants must return their completed application forms with a Thesis/Dissertation Proposal captured on the prescribed Postgraduate School proposal sheet. Such proposals should be written under the following headings:

Title (25 words maximum)
Abstract (120 words maximum)
Relevance of Study
Expected Results
References (in alphabetical order).
Under Innovation, explain the new invention, new approach or new ways of doing things, new knowledge, etc. that your research will produce. Results obtained by applying extant methodology in a new environment may not be regarded as an innovation.

Candidates should remember to request at the time of purchase of the forms that their relevant academic transcript and three letters of reference be forwarded to:
Postgraduate School

The Secretary,
Postgraduate School,
University of Uyo,
P.M.B. 1017,
Akwa Ibom State.

How to Apply for UNIUYO Postgraduate Admission Form
Application Forms can be accessed ONLINE on payment of the sum of N15,000.00 (Fifteen Thousand Naira) only: To make payment, generate Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) via and make payment online using ATM Card or in any commercial bank nationwide. After payment return to the portal to complete your registration by clicking on Admission forms Link, then e-Forms, then Register link and enter your RRR.

Online Registration and Payment Instruction

We will be giving you two methods on how to get yourself registered for your preferred post graduate course.

Method 1
In order to avoid any sort of mistake while making online payment we advice you contact us Ibom Media at No1, Ibom Plaza by Aka Road, Uyo. You can also contact us on +2349073012565 or Facebook for Instant Registration.

Method 2
Visit or (Click on e-portals link)
Select Admission Forms Link
Select e-Form(s) Option
Select Programme Type (Example; Masters(Full-Time) etc) as the Admission Form Type
Enter your Phone Number, Name and Email
Click the PAY NOW button to make payment
Payment can be made online or Bank branch via Remita Platform
After payment return to the online portal and click on Register Link
Note your login credentials generated
Login and complete your registration.
Cant do it yourself? Hire Us Here for Instant Registration.

The closing date for the Uniuyo Postgraduate School Admission Form 2018/2019 will last for 3 months
Hence all completed Application Forms with photocopies of relevant credentials and duplicate copy of receipt of payment for the application form should reach the Office of the Secretary, Postgraduate School not later than 90 days from the date of this publication. Applications received after the above deadline may not be considered.

Date of publication is 30-4-2018.
Use the comment box if you have any question or suggestions